We live in a post-postmodern world (smile!) in which postmodern economics is a novel concept and postmodern politics rule the day. The Rosslyn, Courthouse, and Clarendon Metro stops are hyperrealistic nouveau-suburbs. Vancouver's housing marking is near collapse. We hear about our loved ones surviving terror attacks halfway around the world via iPhone notification. Fuck your juice cleanse, your soup cleanse, your Bikram yoga, and our virtual bookcases that fit in a bag. Underlying our optimism is fear, confidence hides our fear, violence begets violence. We wave our flags for image when we need perspective. If our condominiums had floor-to-glass windows that opened, we'd leap out — one last grasp at faith that we've been raised to believe in, that it's morning in America, a bear to watch out for (if there is a bear), to get an education, get married, start a family, cheat on your spouse while your spouse fucks a stranger from Tinder while lovingly thinking of you.
We're already living in another Cold War. It's against ourselves and against each other. If our condominiums with floor-to-wall windows could open, we'd jump out, grasping at any speck of faith or hope.
First edition was a very limited run and sold out quickly after five printing runs.
Second edition will be republished with extra material.
©2009, 2011 Brian-Michel LaRue
All rights reserved. Tous droits réservés.
Published in the French language by Lux Éditeur, 2009.
Published in the English language by Lux Éditeur, 2011.
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