Surf Air, an executive members-only airline currently operating in California and Northern Texas, hired me to shoot various web spots they could use on their website to illustrate the difference between the typical, tedious experience of flying between European cities on a regular commercial airline, and the Surf Air Europe experience.
Surf Air Europe also wanted a 15 second cinéma vérité style ad to air on various European websites, VICE, and VICELAND for their recent Spring 2018 promotion. The model in the spot was my good friend and past collaborator Marie de Villepin (whom I've previously shot with for ELLE), who didn't mind a free trip in a private jet from Zürich (Flughafen Zürich)–London (City Airport)–Zürich (Flughafen Zürich) and tons of free champagne and chocolate before the holidays. Scenes shown are the VIP Lounge at Zürich Airport, the Surf Air Europe experience (private luxury cars from the terminal lounge right up to the aircraft), the flying experience (only 90 minutes from takeoff to landing, both directions), and a private luxury car from the plane directly to the private First Class Lounge at London City Airport for a very quick pass through immigration and customs (even for a non-EU passport holder like me) with dedicated UK Border Agency staff and dedicated security, in case one needs to freshen up upon arrival, relax or catch up on business between flights, or to enjoy a luxurious experience before departure, saving valuable time and removing all of the hassle of modern air travel.
Surf Air Europe offers daily flights between London and Zürich and back, as well as weekend flights between London and Sion, Switzerland (SCY). Plans for expansion are rapid, with full service to and from Luxembourg, Munich, Ibiza, and Cannes beginning this Spring; service to Dublin, Berlin, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Paris, Geneva, Milan, and Barcelona are planned to begin later in 2018.
Unlimited, all-you-can-fly membership is £2550 GBP/€2850 EUR/$3300 CHF/$3575 USD per month, per seat, with inclusion in the Surf Air California and Surf Air Texas programmes only £3150 GBP/€3550 EUR/$4100 CHF/$4400 USD per month, per seat. Extra seats for family or guests are only £650 GBP/€725 EUR/$850 CHF/$915 USD per flight, per seat. I highly recommend it.
Produced, Directed, Edited by Brian-Michel LaRue
Model: Marie de Villepin
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