Mange ta ville — « Inventer la suite »
This is my baby.
Roughly half was directed personally by me, and you can tell because they're the more ambitious scenes (Malajube playing live and floating over Montréal, Catherine on a Vespa – reference to a Metric song – with an interesting lighting choice and zero clearance/permission from the network or the city of Montréal, moody and dimly-lit bar scenes featuring my buddy photographer and filmmaker John Londono, slow motion walking followed by a two-shot in front of a dépanneur in the style of Xavier Dolan because the scene starred Xavier Dolan – itself a shout out to the unfair criticism that he's a narcissist (he's not), and of course I'm going to end my first feature length film with a choreographed musical scene because that's what I personally hate in other films, so I thought I would challenge myself to do something far out of the ordinary.
Thanks to Xavier Caféïne for letting me re-record "Montréal (cette ville)" in a very weird live setting for the ending, and thanks to everyone for everything ever.
Producer and Director/Producteur et Réalisateur: Brian-Michel LaRue
CLIENT: Radio-Canada/ARTV, TV5Monde, Canal+
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