"Canadian Liberty and the Politics of Fear"
Speech given by then-Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau, MP
This was originally a major policy speech for the campaign, stating our party's positions on positive politics, refusing to campaign or govern with fear, what our meaning of liberty as a Canadian meant, our views on women's rights, the individual vs. the collective...and all meant not to put a room full of party supporters to sleep. This is simply a video of the event, nothing directed by me or our team. The text is all mine, however. I wrote the speech the night before with a bottle of scotch, a MacBook Pro, and the teachings of someone I'll thank right now, Dr. Ivan Castenada, Ph.D.
The delivery is less than desired (I was aiming for "Finies les folies"), but this is a dry policy speech, one that even I can tune up. This is online as an example of what I can write, in both languages, when desperate times call for a logical, cool response from the eventual party in power. It remains my favourite speech I've ever committed to pen/paper/computer.

Speechwriter: Brian-Michel LaRue
Written in both the English and French languages.
Video courtesy of the Liberal Party of Canada/Parti libéral du Canada.
(I apologize for the video quality in advance.)
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