My first proper book, a honest and uncensored collection of experimental poetry and short stories in a non-linear format, covering the period of a few years living in places like Beirut, Tripoli, Damascus, Aden, Kurdistan, Teheran, Qom, some of the (Persian) Gulf states, by the Red Sea, Turkey, some of the Icky-stans, and my sojourns back to civilization in Europe.
The material in this book was never meant to be a book, but it just became that way after looking at the material anywhere from six months to five years later. The words came from my U.S. Government-issued field notebooks of (obviously) unclassified material, mostly just thoughts or dreams I had put into coherent narratives.
For myriad reasons, only published in Canada, France, and Switzerland.
Currently sold out after five printings. For now.
©2006 Brian-Michel LaRue
All rights reserved. Tous droits réservés.
Published in the French language by Éditions du Seuil.
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